Pools / Spas

Resort to relax & recharge.

Pool and Spas DesignNo matter what type of pool you choose, it is only one element in the overall design of your Outdoor LifeScapessm. Choosing the right company will be the most important decision you make, once you’ve decided to build a new pool or renovate an existing one.

Using one company for consultation, design and building of your pool has several advantages:

  1. Headaches and unexpected costs are minimized by pre -planning and good design. Your project can be completed in stages, if so desired. We will simply include everything in the master plan.
  2. Our designers vigorously research the latest building techniques, materials, and products on the market today. Helping you make informed decisions eliminates costly mistakes before they happen.
  3. We include and account for everything in our design plans: from the beautiful (what you see) to the technical (what keeps your pool running at its optimum capacity).

Spas are therapy for the mind, body and soul.

Pool-Spas-2Our spa designs include an endless variety of shapes and sizes. We incorporate spas in most of our pool designs, as part of the pool itself, or as a separate entity.

The typical spa is heated to about 104 degrees fahrenheit, warm enough to relax muscles and dilate blood vessels to help lower blood pressure. Hydro jets massage the back, neck, and feet, while the buoyancy of water counteracts gravity. In effect, sitting submerged to your shoulders can make your heart 10% to 20% more efficient.

We recommend using PebbleSheen in the spa because it’s a smoother finish than PebbleTec. It’s important to plan for privacy and ease of access. Typically we will locate the spa within close proximity to the master suite.

It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.