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Hardscape, or hardscaping, consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially masonry work or wood work. Stone walls, flagstone or brick patios, tile paths, wooden decks, arbors, gazebos, and pergolas are all considered hardscape. In fact, anything used in landscape design that is not part of the flora (plants and trees) would be considered hardscape, including accents such as water fountains, stepping stones, and garden terraces.

Working with our clients, whether it’s on a new design or a renovation project, our first question is: Why do you want to be outside? For more intimacy? Or for a change of pace? How do you want to feel? Design and construction must be carefully coordinated to produce desired results.

Style trends come and go, but when designed with your passions in mind, your Outdoor LifeScapessm will remain timeless.