Custom Design

To Find Yourself, Lose Yourself.

As the pool’s flowing water seems to disappear into the lake, you’re webhome13
lulled to a level of zen
you thought you’d never attain. The aroma of herbs and spices from the outdoor gourmet kitchen awaits your attention with mouth-watering anticipation. Yet, the soothing sounds of palm fronds in the breeze prompt you to relax just a few minutes more.

Outdoor LifeScapessm that are at once charming, soothing and functional begin with a design to compliment your home’s architecture, and fully embrace the landscape around it.

Paradise. Whether it’s a state of mind or a destination, it should be easy to get to, and once you’re there, hard to leave.

CAD stands for our Computer Aided Design. Not only does it mean you will see a detailed scale layout and visualization of your custom pool design, but also it enables the engineers to convert ideas into specifications, and specs into spadework.

Your Outdoor LifeScapessm will usually include:

Hardscaping: retaining walls, privacy walls, patios, decks, shade structure(s), outdoor kitchens/bars, pool houses, walkways, etc.

Waterfeatres: deck jets, waterfalls, water walls, etc.

Our Signature Landscaping: professional landscaping to compliment all 2-two-2areas that aren’t hardscape.

Lightscaping: in-pool and landscape lighting, fiber optics, LED color changing lights, accents, stair lights, etc.

Fire Features: fire woks, fire pits, fireplaces, and gas tiki torches.
Let us take you far beyond kidneys and rectangles. The “shape” of state-of-the-art pool building has moved far beyond cookie-cutter pool configurations. We will take advantage of elevation changes on your property to create interesting destinations. Our custom designs can complement your architecture or take it in an exciting new direction.

Our custom designs will appear to “fit like a glove” on your site, regardless of how small or seemingly inaccessible the space is. This truly creates the Wow Factor.

Let’s talk about color…

The sky affects your pool water color, as does the depth of the water. OurBlue-Pool-Water designers understand how light and color work in tandem. An example would be if you chose a pool surface in the darker range. The reflection of the sky and depth of the water create a nice deep blue shade. If you chose a lighter surface, for instance, you’d end up with a more traditional sky blue shade.

Let’s talk technical…4-four

We make it our business to keep abreast of all of the latest construction techniques, building products and innovations. You’ll benefit from our technical expertise in filtration systems, pumps, heaters, LED and fiber optic lighting, and salt generators. Our pools come standard with silky-smooth, saline water. No yellow plastic jugs or faded bathing suits for our clients!

Of course, the latest computerized automation developments mean that we have systems that control your pumps, lights, spa and water features. All from your iPhone if you like.